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03 MayAnger Management Group May 2017

Starting 24th May.

There is no doubt anger is a very strong emotion and it’s frequently portrayed as a negative response. But anger can be useful it gives us energy to confront a threat and it helps us to set and maintain personal boundaries. So what’s the problem?

There are times when this strong emotion takes over and we lose control, when this happens we can cause harm to ourselves and those around us. At times like this anger can be frightening and we are in danger of losing more than just our temper.

As You Are Anger Management groups will help you regain control of your anger by:

  • ensuring you are better able to Identifying your own triggers
  • have improved awareness of the physiological signs of anger
  • able to distinguish Assertive, Passive, Aggressive and Passive Aggressive behaviours
  • improved Communication and Listening skills
  • You will also learn some simple Mindfulness and de-stressing techniques

Groups will be small, around 8 people and run for 8 weeks starting on 24th May.

For more information or to sign up for the groups contact the As You Are Team on 07952 754 859 or email