Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

15 NovAYA Group Dates and Topic Outlines

Group Dates

Tuesdays 12:00 to 13:30
(90 mins with a short break in the middle)

Tuesday dates:

  • 8th & 15th December 2020
  • 12th, 19th & 26th January 2021
  • 2nd February 2021

Overview for all sessions
Each session will include educational information on the week’s topic, time for self-reflection, engagement and sharing . We may use small breakout rooms or stay as a whole group, either way, you will not be asked to do or share anything you do not wish to. You always have a choice and are in control of your level of engagement within the group.

Before we start each session, all attendees will agree to confidentiality and have a mutual understanding of what this is and how to show respect towards each other within the group environment.

Your attendance will need to be known in advance of the session in order to join, so please get in contact to confirm your interest.

Week 1 – 8th December 2020 : Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion we can all relate to feeling. It can show up in our lives at anytime and it is often a feeling which is not welcome. Anxiety can be a powerful emotion, it can often feel intrusive to our lives and strip us of our confidence and peace of mind. So what happens when we do feel anxious and how can we re-claim our sense of calm?

This session will cover:

- What is anxiety and why might I be feeling it.
- Listening to the different levels of intensity.
- Exploring your own relationship with anxiety and where your personal triggers are.
- Learning practical tools which might assist with changing your experience of anxiety.

Week 2 – 15th December 2020 : Self-care

I am sure we can all resonate with feeling burnt-out, fatigued, experiencing a lack of motivation and inspiration. We have all experienced at one time or another a feeling of not being able to cope as well as we want to. Self-care can help support us through challenging times and make the road feel a little less bumpy along the way.

This session will cover:

- What is self-care and why is it so important.
- What happens when we do not have enough self-care in our lives.
- Obstacles which can get in the way of looking after ourselves.
- Practical tools to support our own wellbeing.

Week 3 – 12th January 2021 : Anger

Anger is often an emotion which gets a bad reputation. It can be labelled as a negative form of expression, being associated with aggression, confrontation and drama. We can therefore learn to either express anger in this way or hide and suppress anger, keeping it locked up inside. Either way, we might be feeling that our anger is not serving us well currently.

So what happens when we change our understanding of anger and learn to value it in a new way?

This session will cover:

- What is anger and why might we be feeling it.
- Directing anger internally or externally, what is the difference and how do they both feel.
- Experiencing, managing and expressing anger.
- Exploring your own personal relationship with anger.
- How can our anger become a useful tool.

Week 4 – 19th January 2021  : Self- Esteem

Whether we are walking through life with our head held high and confidence running through our veins, or we are feeling like things are unreachable and obstacles are constantly in the way. Both of these experiences can relate to our level of self-esteem which we are feeling in the moment.

So where does our self-esteem come from and do we have the ability to change it if we want to?

This session will cover:

- What is self-esteem.
- Internal narrative and mind chatter.
- Exploring our own sources of re-assurance and approval.
- Looking at how we might be hiding from the world, experiencing distance and separation.
- Boundaries and safety.
- What does it feel like to experience a higher level of confidence and self-worth.

Week 5 – 26th January 2021 : Self-Care

What is self-care and how much time do we spend thinking about it? Do we really know what our own needs are and once we do, how comfortable do we feel prioritising ourselves? Is self-care even on our radar and how much do we actually value the concept of introducing it?

This session will cover:

- What does self-care look like.
- Exploring relationships with self and others.
- Looking at our needs and how we communicate them.
- Practical tools to help assist in inviting more self-care into our daily lives.

Week 6 – 2nd February 2021 : Emotional Regulation

Our emotions can often feel out of our control. We can sometimes be overwhelmed by them or completely shut off. When we look at other people, it can often look like everyone else has their life and emotions in order and we are alone in our personal struggle.

We are all impacted by our emotional state and yet how much space do we create in life to really explore our own emotional wellbeing. We have all felt at times that we cannot deal with life and that things are too much. So how can we understand ourselves better and learn to support ourselves through the ups and downs.

This session will cover:

- Is there a ‘normal’ when it comes to feeling emotions.
- Anxiety and overwhelm.
- Avoidance and wanting to run away.
- Can we build safety when feeling strong emotions.
- Listening to your body and your needs.