Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

25 JanFree bereavement training for people in Sussex

Free online training for people in West Sussex

Learn more about bereavement and how you can help support people in your local community that have been bereaved.

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We know many families are facing bereavement due to COVID-19, bereavement is a difficult
experience under any circumstances, but the pandemic is leaving individuals and families facing
additional and complex situations. Our local communities are essential in providing support during
these challenging times.

When someone we know is bereaved it can be difficult to know what to say, these online sessions
share theory and understanding around loss and bereavement that can help make difficult
conversations a little easier.

The sessions are free to access, our supportive and friendly team will help you develop knowledge,
skills and understanding around loss and bereavement.

Sessions Include:
• Bereavement and loss theory
• What is grief?
• Theories of loss and bereavement
• Cultural difference
• Useful techniques
• C-19 specific bereavement and loss
• Complex grief response

Training will be delivered over Zoom