Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

Date: TBC

Service Launch: With 43% of our clients having experienced abusive or neglectful childhoods we are keen to offer this client group a dedicated service.

Neglect and maltreatment in childhood can leave the adult with deep psychological scars, feelings of trauma, shame and helplessness can haunt the survivor’s adult life. In adults
these childhood feelings can manifest in the form of depression, anxiety or troubled relationships and low self esteem.

In the UK survivors of childhood sexual abuse have received amazing and invaluable support by increased awareness and understanding of issues they face as survivors. We would like
funders to support us as we aim to generate similar awareness to those adults living with the scars of neglectful and harmful childhoods. With this project we hope to:

·         Raise the awareness of adult survivors of neglectful and physically abusive childhoods

·         Provide specialised therapeutic Groups for adult survivors

·         Benefit professionals in their work with adult survivors by increasing their understanding of trauma and the physiological and neurological response to trauma and work effectively with this client group