Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

Professional Development and Discussion Forum

Counselling/psychotherapy can be a very isolated profession, the therapeutic hour rich with emotions and intimacy can be a stark contrast to the intervening hours. Time spent writing notes, letters, and the constant pursuit of ethical practice means private practice can be a lonely career path to take. We also hear from counsellors working within other agencies who are left feeling despondent as they strive to provide their clients with the therapeutic relationship in an environment void of empathic understanding and the core conditions. At As You Are we would like to offer all counsellors and trainee counsellors an opportunity to join our discussion forum and support network group.

Our bi-monthly meetings will provide space to meet other like minded professionals as we discuss relevant topics and issues. The agenda will be decided by those attending and will be facilitated by a qualified counsellor. We recognize that each of our members brings their own unique qualities and skills and we would welcome offers and ideas of presentations.

If you would be interested in joining this group contact Nicky on 07952754859 or Click here to email us

Benefits of groups

  • Feeling less isolated and more understood by others
  • Feeling more hopeful about the future
  • Opportunity to try out new ways of relating in a safe environment
  • Be supported whilst sharing difficult feelings
  • Validating and relief at realising that you are not the only one experiencing difficult feelings


Our facilitators are experienced counsellors and trained to certificate level in Groupwork Facilitation Skills by Wealden College, Crowborough. Acceptance onto the above groups will involve an initial free consultation to ensure that groupwork is right for you and to put together a group ready to embark on the journey. A deposit is due at the consultation.

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