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07 JanAs You Are launch new Systemic Family Therapy Service

As You Are provides affordable counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety for people living in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Southwick, Shoreham, Lancing and Worthing. As of January 2019, the mental health charity is launching a new service – Systemic Family Therapy. This therapy will be taking place in a unique and secure space at Shoreham Port in Southwick, in their private Visitor Centre.

Systemic Family Therapy has been found to be effective for children’s and adults’ difficulties, both when individuals have acquired a mental health diagnosis and when there is more general or complex distress. The Systemic Family Therapy will work with family members to identify and develop strengths within the family. The sessions aim to improve communication while noticing any interactions that might limit communication. Sometimes outside influences, such as, illness of a family member, divorce, job loss, life transitions, such as children living home, death of a family member or any change in circumstances can have an impact on the whole family.

The sessions will be facilitated by Nicky Hitchcock and Laura Hewitt.  Nicky is a qualified Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience; having completed the foundation year of Systemic practitioner training at Great Ormond Street Hospital, she continues to enjoy the training in systemic therapy and looks forward to welcoming families to As You Are. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology as well as a Diploma in Counselling (Integrative Humanistic) from a BACP accredited training facility. Laura has extensive experience working with families including couple and group work training.

Laura said “We aim to provide a structured, empathic and confidential setting, where all family members impacted, will have the opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings, if they wish to do so.”

Nicky commented on the new Systemic Family Therapy sessions and said “We recognise that ‘family’ can look very different for each of us, so we are defining family as a system of support that could be nuclear families, step-families, lone parents and might well include extended family members or close friends. Whatever your family set-up looks like, Systemic Family Therapy is a way to help family members look at alternative ways of communicating that are more constructive.” The sessions will operate for an initial six month period from Shoreham Port.

As You Are is a registered charity set up by Nicky, who has been running the As You Are Centre for over a decade in Southwick, West Sussex. The charity currently provides a number of counselling services to children and families with fees on a sliding scale from as little as £8 per session.

If you would like more information about Family Therapy or would like to know how to access these sessions for your family, please contact the As You Are team on 07952 754 859 or email

Laura Hewitt and Nicky Hitchcock of As You Are

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