Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

Like many small charities As You Are faces a constant battle to raise enough funds to keep the charity going. There is no doubt raising money and increasing income is one of the biggest challenges facing for the sector at the moment. Charities continue to do amazing work on a global and local level, yet understandably people are feeling the strain. It feels like every week someone we know is seeking sponsorship for fun run or marathon, the TV bombards us with images to tug at the heart strings and many of the large charities are now using more aggressive tactics to raise funds, intrusive phone calls or visits have left many people mistrusting or just fed up with charitable demands.

Small charities like As You Are have to be creative in finding new and sustainable funding streams. We would never resort to fundraising that may result in added pressure or stress to our potential donors. So in response we have set up the As You Are Private Practice. This scheme enables clients to access a trusted and respected service with the benefits of seeing a private therapist.

As You Are Counselling Practice is a group of qualified and experienced therapists who will work with you expertly and confidentially on any issue or problems you might be struggling with. Accessing our wealth of experience our assessors will use or tried and trusted assessments and allocation package to find the right therapist for you.

All our counsellors are DBS checked and have completed our rigorous recruitment and training programme. Our service is available across Sussex including Brighton, Hove and Southwick. Our team are experienced, qualified counsellors, who are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

With so many counsellors locally it can be difficult to choose the counsellor who is right for you. Our experienced and trained assessors are qualified counsellors who have undertaken additional training to provide effective clinical consultation sessions. These initial consultation sessions ensure we can find the most appropriate therapist for you. Consultation sessions are offered at the reduced rate of £25.00.

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