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05 SepSize Matters (Because it does!!) – event on 2nd November 2019

Brighton Sex & Relationship Study Sessions:
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Size Matters (Because it does!!)

Date: Saturday 2nd November 2019
Time: 08:30 for refreshments. 09:00 – 13:00hrs for the Study Session
Cost: £40
Venue: BMECP. 10a Fleet Street, Brighton BN1 4ZE ( close to Jury’s Inn near Brighton BR ).


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Dr Anand Patel Caroline Lovett

Relevant to: healthcare staff across the professions, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and anyone who wants to help dispel myths and shame about sex.

We live in a society which is obsessed with shape and size. Most pornography suggests that everyone is bigger and better than those who watch, which leaves a lot of men and women feeling shame and inadequate with no one to talk to.

But what is the truth and how do we reassure our patients and clients seeking treatment and therapy?

Whilst a penis might be obvious in its size and shape what is the latest understanding about the clitoris. What is ‘normal’!!

This study session will explore:
Anatomy, Foetal Development, Evolutionary relevance, Cultural and Religious Values, Psychological Impact, Pornography, Genitals as Signifiers, Genital Dysmorphia, Rise of Genital Surgery for non-medical indications; Therapy/treatments

The Study Sessions are geared to enable participants to ask what they need to know, to discuss confidentially with others the issues related to supporting their patients/clients.

Places are limited to 40 participants.

More about:
Dr Anand Patel

I’m a doctor specialising in sexual function, working with health care professionals and the public to challenge views, reduce embarrassment and improve understanding.

I’m a GP based in Stockwell and work at the Centre for Men’s Health on Harley Street ( treating sexual dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. I am a committee member of the British Society for Sexual Medicine ( and secretary to the Primary Care Testosterone Advisory Group ( Most recently I co-host The Pleasure Podcast, focusing on sex, relationships and intimacy (

I train doctors to think about sexual function as both symptom and health issue affecting people physically and psychologically, and hopefully give them the tools to talk about sex openly and supportively with patients. I don’t just talk about why sexual problems can happen, but what effect they can have and how we can practically support people into making positive changes – this is often where sex toys comes in!

My background as a school teacher and head of PSHE means I recognise some of the challenges young people face these days with the impact of social media, online dating and pornography changing sexual expectations and behaviours. I’m also working with MaSC (Men and Social Conditions) to create a porn addiction workshop for those gay men who have been affected by pornography and social media, reducing the pleasure they take in sex themselves and the negative view they have of their bodies and the unattainable images of others.

Basically I really want people to enjoy their bodies without shame and maintain healthy sexual relationships.

More about:
Caroline Lovett:

I have been working in the world of sexual health for over 20 years.
During this time I have seen many trends come and go. Various pubic hair designs have been on trend, and now we are surprised to see any hair on our genitals ! In my work as a therapist, genital body image is increasingly present in the room? Are my genitals normal? Is my labia to big, is my clitoris too small, should it be that colour? What is impacting these concerns, and how can we support our clients to feel confident with their bodies, for themselves and for their relationships.

Caroline works as a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist.
Her background also includes working as a Sexual Health Advisor, a Reproductive Nurse and a Sexual Health Trainer with Public Health.

For more information please contact:
Peter Wells
Sex & Relationships psychotherapist and supervisor
Mobile: 07790 691054

Approved for 4hrs CPD
Seeking BSSM approved CPD
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COSRT Accredited
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