Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

We are pleased to announce from early 2020, we are adding Systemic Family session to our range of counselling services.

Who can apply;

We recognise that “family” can look very different for each of us; we are defining family as a system of support that could be nuclear families, step-families, lone parents and might well include extended family members or close friends.

What is Systemic Family Therapy:

 Our systemic family practitioners will work with family members to identify and develop strengths within the family; the sessions aim to improve communication while noticing any interactions that might limit communication. Sometimes outside influences, such as illness of a family member, divorce, job loss, life transitions, such as children leaving home, death of a family member or any change in circumstances can have an impact on the whole family. The family might be struggling with how to cope and losing sight of their resources. It may be at times like this that a therapist can offer an outside influence; offering a fresh set of eyes to help with what is troubling the family.  This kind of support can be useful in unveiling  the unspoken family rules and possible generational myths that may be getting in the way of the family achieving what they need as a unit in these difficult times.