Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

As You Are has worked with Ian Macpherson from 7th Sense to develop our Trauma App, to help adults and young people who have experienced trauma. Trauma Matters was developed in response to the Shoreham air crash.

The App is now available in android and apple version and can be downloaded. It’s a free App designed for anyone who may have experienced a traumatic event. It includes an assessment tool and useful information; neuroscience, exercises to relieve symptoms and support self and others, as well as information on developing personal resilience and talking to children and young people who may have witnessed a traumatic event. It also features on App Picker here.

Following the Shoreham air crash we wanted to find a way to offer support to anyone affected by the crash. However the App could be useful to anyone who has experienced trauma or is supporting someone who has experienced a traumatic event.

We launched the original app in December 2015 and the update and improved version will be available from July 2016. At the launch event the design team were on hand to and were keen to hear from local people how they felt the app could be improved. Members of the clinical team lead relaxation exercise to help reduce symptoms experienced by people who been exposed to trauma.

Dr John Drury gave a presentation on community Resilience, how communities respond to emergencies and how this can transform a community. Dr Drury has done work around the 7/7 bombings.

We saw how our local community stood together following this tragic incident and wanted our event to provide an opportunity for us to acknowledge this strength.