Counselling and group work for depression, stress and anxiety in Sussex

28 SepUnderstanding Anger, Mental health and Womens Groups in 2022

New Group workshops in 2022 at As You Are, small weekly sessions which will run for 6 weeks.

Understanding Anger. A small group of 12 to 15 people working together in safe and confidential space. The groups help participants find ways to manage anger while improved self-awareness provides opportunities to for deeper understanding and new ways to respond.

Women’s Group. The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected women across the world, including in our own communities. The aim of these friendly groups is to provide a supportive space, where we can work together to improve mental health wellbeing

Mental health. Each session will include educational information on the week’s topic, time for self-reflection, engagement and sharing. Some of the topics covered:

· Understanding and managing anxiety.
· Mental health first aid
· Tips and techniques on keeping
· Coping with stress
· Developing Compassion for self

Groups are free to access, to sign up email; or call; 07952 754859